Monday, May 26, 2008

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

After Bangkok we hopped on a bus and head for a city in Cambodia called Siem Reap. Just outside of this city the Angkor ruins can be found. The ruins initially constructed in the early 12Th century by King Suryavarman II and were definitely one of the highlights for Cambodia. One of the really nice things about visiting the ruins here is that you able to climb around and walk through the various sites more so than allot of other ruins visited.

Not really sure how trees are able to grow at top ruins like this but they seemed to be everywhere which we all thought was pretty cool.

This ruin known as Bayon is probably one of the most famous within Angkor. Apparently the faces are of the King Jayavarman VII represented as Bodhisattva (translated as Wisdom-Being).

We didn't manage to take a picture of it but i think we ran into a couple doing the Amazing Race here. We'll have to check out the next season but the couple was being followed by a camera man and they had to find a specific face in the ruins. I did my best to make a cameo between this and Bollywood I am really getting my face out there.

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